Roadside Recon Lord Cobra Type Bowling Wrist Support Accessories blue


About Product
Up and down angle adjustment- There are 4 adjustment holes, so you can adjust the vertical angle by inserting the angle adjuster at the desired position.
Left and right angle adjustment- Realize the best release angle by adjusting the left and right fine angles by moving the head of the armrest along the marked scale
There is a thick sponge with a soft lining inside the protector to minimize skin irritation ,Designed with ergonomic design, comfortable fit without pad
Stable fit by holding the auxiliary pad with germanium once more, A product for bowlers who want a large angle and hook pitch in MEDIUM OIL.
Light and strong with duraluminum material, Easy and quick angle adjustment with a convenient angle adjuster method

Product Feature
Quick-drying Coolmax- Air Mash- 3D Biocap
Easy removal of the wrist strap using the clasp
Stable fit by holding the auxiliary pad with germanium once more

Product Specification
Material: duraluminium, sponge, cotton
Artillery style: Cobra supports the index finger to complement the straightness and hook properties of the ball during release and provides quick release timing.
Recommended for beginner bowlers