With Molly automatic beverage sorting Can Organizer Dispenser for Refrigerator (3 rows, 6 rows mixed type, 18 units stored) 9.9(W)x15(D)x3.1(H)inch


About Product
1. Try organizing your refrigerator like convenience stores or grocery markets with a neat beverage can storage system! Introducing a beverage can storage system that can hold 1 slim can or 2 large cans per row, allowing for a total of 3 rows!
2. Load your beverage cans neatly onto the shelf, and keep them cool in the refrigerator. When you need a drink, just take it. The beverage can storage system has an automatic push function, so when the front can is removed, the one behind it automatically moves forward. Experience your own neatly organized beverage can display in your refrigerator at all times.
3. It can store 1 slim can, or 2 large cans per row, totaling 3 rows. In one row, you can store 5 slim cans or 4 large cans. In the space for large cans, you can also load PET drink bottles or small drink bottles. The width trimming is adjustable. If you don't need space for slim cans, you can expand the space to store large cans or PET drink bottles.
4. Each row of the display shelf has a double support structure to prevent the beverage cans from tilting or falling out.
5. If you purchase 3 units of this product and assemble them accordingly, you can use them as 1 set of 3 rows for slim cans and 2 sets of 3 rows for large cans. If you want to manage slim cans separately from large cans, try purchasing 3 units!

Product Specification
Package Size: 25(W)x38(D)x8(H)cm / 9.9(W)x15(D)x3.1(H)inch
Material: ABS, Steel

1. This product is assembly-required.
2. Compensation is not available for parts damaged during assembly.
3. Please be cautious during installation to avoid injuring your hands when assembling.