With Molly luxury cat chair 360°e rotating chair comfortable and comfortable cat house bed modern sense 16x15x14.6inch 4lbs White


About Product
1. It's a cozy, dome-shaped cat bed with a rounded design. The cocoon-like structure offers a comfortable resting place for cats, with a sense of depth created by the swivel chair design.
2. Designed in a swivel chair style, the bed provides a comfortable resting spot for cats with a deep, cocoon-like structure.
3. The fabric inside the bed that comes in direct contact with the cat is detachable, making cleaning and replacement easy.
4. The exterior of the product is made of sturdy ABS material, offering excellent durability and easy cleaning with items like wet wipes or damp towels.
5. The bottom of the bed features a 23cm diameter non-slip pad, providing sturdy support to prevent the bed from tipping over due to the cat's movements.

Product Specification
Size&Weight: 40.8x38.6x37.1cm 1.8kg / 16x15x14.6inch 4lbs
Material: ABS, PP, Fabric
Color: White
Intended Users: Cats