With Molly Pat multipurpose pat grooming chair bath haircut various uses


About Product
It is a chair that can easily care for your pet from head to toe.
All cats and dogs are available.
Use it for bathing, toenail clipping, combing, and grooming.
It is a product that reduces Pat's anxiety and increases the time he spends interacting with his owner.
It is good to use it while training enough for about a week.

How to use
1. Insert the pillars and bowls on the plate.
2. Wear the pet chair while your pet is standing
3. Pull back the slide part to adjust to the joint
4. Turn the dial under the pet chair to fix it
5. Fasten the belt
6. Connect your pet and pole

Product Specification
Size: body (18.9" x 13"/ 48cm x 33cm) pillar (H: 9.65" / 24.5cm) pet chair (standard 12.2"/ 31cm / longest: 15"/ 38cm weight 5.8lb/ 2.62kg)
Safety belt, pet chair, pedestal, pole (rod) tableware 2P
Material: PP, ABS, Silico