Soju Mate Automatic Soju, Soju to drink alone with soju glass 1P white

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About Product
Simple yet compact size-- Light and simple design at 145g
AAA battery for wireless use, convenient to carry
One-touch button, two volumes can be adjusted with a light touch-- 45ml/35ml
A smart and comfortable insider item that will make a pleasant drinking party in various places and situations such as weddings, birthdays, meetings, camping, and dinner parties!
Power indicator and auto-off function make it more convenient to use, Infrared sensor (automatic discharge method)

Installing the product
After connecting the silicone tube to the lower part of the product, install the rubber holder in the small kitchen with the lid opened first and then attach the product.

How to wash
Wipe the outside with a dry towel, and the tube connected to the inside is cleaned by filling the cup with water and operating 2-3 times.
Please wash the tube with water without detergent.

Precautions for use
It is a product that works by detecting an object with a sensor.
Please place it in an appropriate location so that other objects are not detected when using it.

Before using the dispenser, wash the tube with water before use.
Please install and remove the soju dispenser with the power turned off.
Place the product in a safe location to avoid malfunctions and product toppling.
Do not use liquids with particles other than soju. It may cause malfunction.
If water gets around the dispenser sensor, dry it completely before use.

Product Specification
Components: 1ea x Soju dispenser body+ 2ea x silicone tubes+ 4ea x AAA batteries+ 1ea soju glass
Weight: 145g
Size: 68x47x1259mm)/
One time ejection: 35ml/45ml