With Molly Bohogle Induction ceramic coating square cookware set with lid & magic handle 11P Beige


About Product
1. Introducing a premium cookware set that is suitable for all heat sources, including gas stoves, induction cooktops, halogen cookers, ovens, and more.
2. The set includes a 22cm/8.6inch pot, an 18cm/7inch pot, a 22cm/8.6inch frying pan, a 22cm/8.6inch grill pan, along with 3 reinforced glass lids, 4 scratch-resistant pads, and 1 multi-safe handle.
3. We have addressed cooking smoke, which may contain carcinogens, through nano-catalyst coating. The nano-catalyst coating not only provides excellent non-stick functionality but also significantly reduces cooking smoke and carbon monoxide.
4. The handles are detachable for efficient storage management in limited spaces. All pans can be neatly stacked in a row. Try loading them without worrying about scratches using the scratch-resistant pads. When a handle is needed, attach the multi-safe handle for use.
5. All pots and pans have a square shape instead of a round one. This design allows for up to 30% more capacity compared to circular shapes for enhanced cooking versatility.

Product Specification
Material: Aluminum, Reinforced Glass, Silicone, Bakelite
Components: 22cm/8.6inch Pot, 18cm/7inch Pot, 22cm/8.6inch Frying Pan, 22cm/8.6inch Grill Pan, 3 Reinforced Glass Lids, 4 Scratch-Resistant Pads, 1 Multi-Safe Handle
Color: Beige

1. Please be cautious when using high flames on a gas stove, especially as excessive heat can damage the silicone around the edges of the glass lid.
2. The silicone on the lid's handle is detachable. Before opening the lid, press firmly to ensure a tight seal between the handle and the glass.
3. Attach the multi-safe handle only when stir-frying with the pan or when moving the pan or pot. It may be damaged if exposed to intense flames from a gas stove.