With Molly Yosul Direct Fire Grill Pan for Grilling steakm, Hot Pot cooking,Pan cooking Roasted Sweet Postatoes Red 11.8"


About Product
1. The pan and lid are both made of seamless material, with a high thermal conductivity that reduces cooking time and retains heat for excellent insulation, keeping your food warm for an extended period.
2. With a 4-layer coating on the pan, food doesn't stick, and the coating remains durable. You can achieve a perfect steak without using oil!
3. Simply put sweet potatoes or chestnuts in the pan and close the lid! In just 20-30 minutes, you'll have a warm winter snack.
4. Toss in vegetables or other ingredients and let it simmer – soon, your hot pot dish will be ready to enjoy.
5. With just one pan, you can explore various cooking methods, from grilling and pot recipes to pan-cooking and more.

Product Specification
Size: Diameter 30cm / 11.8 inches
Material: Cast Aluminum
Components: Pan, Lid