With Molly cucuriku Portable multipurpose table and chair set for camping, outdoor, indoor, kid's room, 1 table, 2 chairs, cream


About Product
1. There's no rule saying camping furniture can only be used during camping, right? Introducing a practical table and chair set that can be used seamlessly in everyday life! It consists of one ivory-colored table and two chairs.
2. A portable table and chair set that can be easily used with a one-touch folding mechanism. Forget about heavy and cumbersome camping and picnic gear! Simply fold and store it easily, and installation is a breeze.
3. Try using it for camping, car camping, or picnics anytime, anywhere! It's also perfect for indoor use as it adds to the interior decor. You can even use it as a footrest or a stool alternative!
4. Worried that the lightweight one-touch mechanism might compromise stability? Don't worry! The table features a safety locking mechanism for stability without tilting or wobbling. Plus, the chairs can support a maximum weight of up to 284kg/626lbs!
5. Cleaning is also a breeze! Made of sturdy PP material, simply wipe away any spills or food stains with a wet wipe or cloth for easy and efficient cleaning.

Product Specification
Components: 1 table, 2 chairs
Size: (Table) 36x40x35.5cm/14.2x15.7x14inch, (Chair) 32x23x32cm/12.6x9x12.6inch
Weight: (Table) 1.5kg/3.3lbs, (Chair) 0.9kg/2lbs
Color: Vanilla Cream
Material: PP

1. Do not disassemble or assemble arbitrarily.
2. Avoid throwing or stepping on the product.
3. If strong-colored food stains the product, clean it immediately to prevent stains.
4. Deformation may occur due to heat, so keep it away from fire and store it carefully.
5. To prevent tipping over, place it on a flat and sturdy surface when in use.