With Molly Baby Easy Bath Bath Shower Helper Handles for Tube Adjust Length Stand Gray16.5(W)x18.3(D)x14.5~20.5(H)inch 4.9lbs


About Product
1. This is a dedicated stand for making the post-toilet cleansing and showering of young children comfortable.
2. The soft-textured polyurethane-coated handle provides a comfortable grip for the child. It makes it easy for the caregiver to wash the child comfortably.
3. The wide and sturdy support column is robust enough to withstand the child's weight, ensuring stability even when the child hangs onto it with force. Additionally, it is height-adjustable from 37 to 52 cm (14.5 to 20.5 inches), allowing for customization based on the child's height.
4. The back of the stand is equipped with a shower holder for added convenience during the child's bathing, providing a practical spot to place the showerhead.
5. Anti-slip pads are strategically placed on the bottom surface, ensuring safety and sturdy support even on slippery bathroom floors.

Product Specification
Size&Weight: 42(W)x46.5(D)x37~52(H)cm 2.2kg / 16.5(W)x18.3(D)x14.5~20.5(H)inch 4.9lbs
Material: ABS
Color: Gray, Pink, Beige, Peach, Mint
Recommeded age: 7~24 months

1. Please thoroughly review the product user manual and use the product safely after understanding the instructions.
2. Use the button at the bottom of the handle to semi-automatically adjust to the child's body shape, tightening it to the maximum width as needed.
3. When adjusting the handle, be cautious to prevent the child's body from getting caught in the gaps of the handle.
4. This product must be used under the supervision of a caregiver, and do not leave the baby unattended on the product.
5. Adjusting the height while the child is secured to the handle may pose a risk of injury. Adjust the handle height first and then secure the child.
6. Avoid using the product on inclined or potentially hazardous surfaces, and only use it on flat surfaces to prevent the risk of tipping or falling.