3-step Folding Portable Barbecue Charcoal Grill, Barbecue Desk Tabletop Outdoor Stainless Steel Smoker BBQ for Outdoor Cooking Camping Picnics Beach


About Product
It is 3-stage folding and designed in a block type, so it can be easily assembled in 1 minute.
It is made of high heat, light and strong carbon steel, and has excellent wear resistance and heat resistance.
It can be used as an outdoor cooking stove for camping. You can cook a variety of dishes, from boiling water to barbecue cooking.
A variety of fuels can be used. charcoal firewood hay etc.
Weight: m_6.4 kg/ 14lb Size: 30cm x 50cm x20cm/ 11.8x 19.7x 7.9 inch

Product Specification
Components: Main product, portable bag, buttocks, gloves
*buttocks? A thin stick used to break, pull, or collect a fire when hitting it
Material: Carbon Steel
And if they include legs: legs
horizontal length: 22 cm
Fuel type: charcoal/filling/fabricated
Weight: m_6.4 kg/14lb
Size: 30cm x 50cm x20cm/11.8x 19.7x 7.9 inch