afety Car Welding Helmet Surface Panorama (Silver) Automatic Light Blocking Safety Certification Electronic Helmet External Grinder Mode Switchable

About Product
  • Safety Car Welding Helmet
  • It is convenient to use as it is automatic shading.
  • Response speed and sensitivity adjustable, spare plastic batteries
  • Components: Panorama body, instruction manual, auxiliary battery (CR 2032 2 pcs), protective lens (external 3 pcs, internal 3 pcs - Be sure to remove the protective scales before use)
Product specification
  • Shading speed : 1/25,000 sec
  • Weight : 490g
  • Cartridge size : 110x90x8 mm / 4.3x3.5x0.3 inches
  • Shade control :
  • Shade #4 before welding shading
    Shade #9~#13 when shading welding
  • Window Area : 92x42mm/3.6x1.6in
  • Opening delay adjustment : 0.15-0.80s
  • External protective lens : 119x98 mm
  • Inner protection lens : 95x50m m / 3.7x1.9 inches
  • Power : Replaceable Li-Min & Solar combination (CR 2032) X 2
How to replace the outer protective lens and cartridge:
  1. Push up the front external protective lens cover while pressing it > Remove and replace the lens attached to the inner groove of the external protective lens cover
  2. Lightly pinch the side external light blocking device lever using tongs (ex. pliers) to release it.
  3. After removing the light-shielding control knob, loosen the bolt
  4. Easy separation by pushing the cartridge from the inside to the outside while lifting the cartridge fixing device