KGC CHEONG KWAN JANG HONG E JANG GUN korean red ginseng pre-shcool Kids Tonic Step2

About product
  • Cheong Kwan Jang Hong E Jang Gun is children's red ginseng brand designed for the health of growing children.
  • It is made in steps according to the age of the child. This product is STEP2, for age 5~7.
  • Under the control of the Korean government, it undergoes strict safety inspections and guidance.
  • Red ginseng extract is matched with nutrient ingredients including antlers, calcium, and vitamins.
  • The benefits include building resistance to diseases, promoting growth, and strengthening bones.
Product specification
  • Brand : Cheong Kwan Jang
  • Item form : Syrup
  • Number of items : 30 pouches
  • Unit count : 200ml/pouch
  • Package Dimensions : ‎ 28.7 x 19.55 x 3.45 cm ; 2.7 Kilograms
  • Active Ingredient : Red Ginseng Extract (6-year, Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3 5.5mg/g)
  • Origin : Republic of Korea (south)