Chunsik's steamed bread humidifier usb charging type


About Product
An ultra-precise and cute humidifier for soft skin like steamed buns
Ultrasonic, it boasts a lot of humidifying power like steamed buns.
Components: Main product, 2 filters, C-type USB cable, User's manual, Recommended age of use: 14 years of age or older
Continuous spraying: about 8 hours of use (spraying amount of about 50-70ml/H)
Intermittent spray: 10-11 hours of use (spray volume 30-40ml/H)

How to use the product
01 Turn the lid counterclockwise.
02 Pour water lower than 400ml (MAX) indicated inside the water bottle.
03 Turn the lid clockwise so that it does not separate from the water bottle.
04 Connect the cable to the power port.
05 Press the red bean part of the steamed bun button to operate.
Button operation order ON-Standard humidification mode > Intermittent humidification mode (3 second interval) > OFF 06 button and wait 1-2 seconds. Water must be absorbed into the filter before it works.

To replace a filter
01 Rotate the filter holder clockwise.
02 Replace the filter without removing the spring and put it in the holder and assemble it. (Be careful not to lose the spring)
· The recommended cycle for filter replacement is 1-2 months. (This may vary depending on your environment.)
· Filters are compatible with commercially available 8mm to 10mm in diameter, and you can cut them into about 50mm in length.