DP-102X Multi-purpose vest made of light, thin and strong fabric Navy

About Product
  • It is a multi-purpose vest made of light, thin and strong fabric.
  • Cordura fabric from Dupont, France, and SS grade mesh are used to reduce weight and increase durability.
  • All 4 sizes, unisex, navy color
  • Equipped with a pouch for storing various equipment
  • Various patch locations for group marking, body cam support through transparent urethane window

Product Specification
  • Size: S (49x53cm,19.3x20.8") / M (51x55cm,20x21.6") / L (54x61cm,21x24") / XL (60x64cm,23.6x25.2")
  • Color: Navy
  • Material: Codura fabric, Mesh
  • Origin: Korea South