Easy hood cleaning management kichen Hood, Hood cover 3P, 2 years of use - 18.1x393.7inch


About Product
Prevent contamination with clean kitchen hood management
Easy installation without adhesive,Large capacity that can be used comfortably for 2 years
Easily cut with perforated lines at intervals of about 16cm
Oil-free hood, convenient hood management

How to use:
Wipe the hood with a dry cloth
Attach the Velcro to the appropriate location
Cut along the dotted line or cut with scissors according to the size.
Attach the hood cover
*Choose from included Velcro or magnet

Product Specification
Configuration: this product, Velcro 10ea, Magnet 8ea
Weight: 165g
Size: 46cmx10m/18.1x393.7inch
Material: Flame Retardant Nonwoven + Polyester