Fishing Joy Electric Reel Battery Sun Power 100P 10000mAh Saltwater

About Manufactuer
  • Fishing Joy is an electric reel battery specialized company that has been manufacturing mainly electric reel batteries for past 16 years.
  • Leading the electric reel battery market in Korea, we are putting effort in changing product recognition and product supply.
  • No.1 company in the largest online market in Korea, and continue to receive product inquiries from Southeast Asia, United States, and etc.
About Product
  • Electric Reel Battery Sun Power 100P
  • Cost effective battery for hairtail fishing
  • Strong power of instant maximum discharge current 80A and large capacity of 10Ah, rated power 144W, aircraft carry allowed.
Product specifications
  • Classification : 100P / Notes
  • Nominal voltage : 14.4V
  • End of discharge voltage : 12.0V
  • Battery capacity : 10Ah
  • Charging current : 2.0A / 2.5A charger convertable
  • Charging time : 4.5Hrs
  • Maximum discharge current : 32A
  • Instant maximum discharge current : 80A / Maximum discharge in same level
  • Weight : 1.1kg
  • Size : 52x105x190 cm
  • Origin : Made in Korea


You’re buying electronic Goods of 220V.

You may need a step-up Voltage Converter for 110V (ex, USA, Canada)