From You Shower Handle Almond Bath Handle Infant Bathtub Baby Bidet 18in x19.8in x 19.3in


About Product
From You Baby Shower Handle is available from 7 months to 24 months old.
You can take a shower easily and quickly with your baby standing up, and it is also convenient to use when changing diapers.
It's also convenient to change your underwear or pants while standing up.
*Be careful not to let the baby hang on to Zeppume (risk of product damage and injury)

1. When using it, make sure to use it with your guardian.
2. There is a risk that the product will fall down if you suddenly apply an impact.
3. Do not adjust the height with the baby fixed on the handle.
4. Do not use the product for other purposes.
5.Don't let the baby hang on the steering wheel. The product may be too much.

Product Specification
Product Size: 456×503×489 (mm) /18in x19.8in x 19.3in
Material: ABS.POM.PUR
Weight: 2.7 kg /
Target age: 7 months to 24 months old recommended
Maximum weight: 15 kg recommended
Maximum height: 80 cm
Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea