Gamasot IH Induction Titanium Ceramic Aluminum Korean Traditional Pot cauldron All Heat Sources Cookable 20cm for 2~3 people

About Product
  • Safe and more powerful titanium ceramic material-completely inorganic material free of carcinogen PFOA and environmental hormones
  • Can be used in various heat sources-Can be used in various heat sources such as induction (IH), gas stove, highlight, etc.
  • Traditional cauldron of casting method-Manufactured by whole casting method, excellent thermal conductivity, Keep food warm for a long time
  • Ceramic far-infrared rays-Far-infrared rays radiated from ceramics are transmitted to the inside of food. Traditional design-Applied the shape of a cauldron and the traditional Korean pattern, 'Haimun'
  • Various dishes available-Various dishes with the original taste of ingredients such as rice, boiled food, grilled food, etc. are available.

Product Specification
  • Size: 252x 155 x 92(mm)
  • Material: Lid/body-aluminum, inside/outside-ceramic coating
  • Country of origin: South Korea