Garlic Chop multi Vegetable Ginger Bean Grinding Manual Blender Grinding Machine - Garlic Pepper Vegetable Nuts, Anchovies

About Product
  • Tower chopping dramatically reduces working time in the kitchen.
  • A chopper that can be used for all vegetables and nuts.
  • Top chopper used by chefs.
  • Anytime, anywhere with no noise.
How to use
  1. Floor (Glass). Please place it on the marble light) and press the lever to adsorb it.
  2. Cut large vegetables into appropriate sizes and place them in the inlet.
  3. Use safety handles when pressing vegetables and nuts.
Product Specification
  • How to use : Turn the handle
  • Size : 20x16 cm / 7.8x6.2 inches
  • Material : ABS resin/stainless steel/acetal/rubber
  • product composition :
  • Bunting machine and handle, Lids and bats, Support and Adsorption Plates, Crusher