Ghost Ball Z Lightning Cube Battle Top wristband TOY 10.6x2.7x8.2inch 1lbs


About Product
1. Inspired by the popular TV animation "Shinbi Apartment," we present the children's toy Ghost Ball Z Thunder Cube.
2. This toy, which can be worn as a wristband, allows kids to mimic the actions of the protagonist in the animation, such as summoning ghosts or enhancing their powers.
3. Attaching the Thunder Cube to the Ghost Ball Z produces unique animation sounds.
4. Additionally, placing the Ghost figure on the Ghost Ball Z band triggers the figure's voice while rotating 360 degrees, referred to as Ghost Summoning.
5. It can combine with the Ghost Ball Z Wind Cube (sold separately) from the same series. The combination enables more action sounds and gameplay.

Product Specification
Components: Ghostball Z, Jubi Figure, Hari figure, Jubi card, Hari card, thunder cube, wrist band, band holder, background play board, manual
Packing Size & Weight: 27x7x21cm 450g / 10.6x2.7x8.2inch 1lbs
Material: PVC, ABS
Recommended age for use: 5 years and older

1. Please play with a guardian.
2. Never ride or step on the product. Do not throw the product towards people or objects.
3. Avoid actions such as cutting, disassembling, heating, or placing in fire.
4. The product contains small parts that pose a choking hazard if swallowed, so it is not recommended for children under the recommended age.
5. This toy has electronic features. After play, turn off the power, and if not used for more than a week, remove the batteries from the product.