Giraffe 3 Way All in One Multi Gas Stove with storage bag black 20.4x12.2x9.2inch


About Product
. 1L water boiling time 3 minutes and 50 seconds (maximum firepower) - The lid of the hot pot pan uses silicone molding, 1.5cm higher than the existing height for cleaning and hygiene, efficient for various dishes (6 air holes)
· Silver pearl gloss heat resistant powder painting,. The storage bag is made of poly 600D and has an additional intermediate plate.
· Added safety device when storing inside the main body. Various ingredients can be used to cook grilled dishes, hot pot dishes, shabu shabu, steamed dishes, etc
. Equipped with magnet-type gas burner (one-touch magnet type gas)
. By installing a thermal conductive plate, heat is transferred evenly using twin power fire, . Using the automatic piezoelectric ignition method

Product Specification
Color: black
Size: 520×310×235 mm (Box Size) / 20.4x12.2x9.2inch
Weight: 6 kg
Material: Body - Steel Plate (Heat Resistant Powder Coating) / Hot Pot Pan & Grill Pan - Aluminum + Fluororesin Hot Pot Pan Lid - PC + Silicon / Bowl Stand - Steel Wire Oil Pan & Steamer - Stainless Steel / Storage Bag-Polyester
Components: Main body, hot pot pan, grill pan, hot pot pan lid, bowl stand, oil pan, storage bag, steamer net