Giraffe 3 Way All in One Multi Gas Stove with storage bag signature ceramic ivory edition L 20.4X12.2X9.2in

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About Product
A U-shaped fire table that evenly distributes heat and cooks food evenly. Low-temperature curing type, strong fluorine paper coating prevents food from sticking, and various dishes such as roasting/stirring are possible. When using the grill, it can be used with water in the drip tray. Durable ceramic and non-heating handle for safe use
Multi-purpose design that allows oil to drain by opening the outlet, and soup cooking by closing the outlet, Easy detachment, attachment and use of various cooking containers. A Multi-purpose design that allows oil to be drained by opening the outlet, and even soup cooking by closing the outlet.

Product Composition:

Body, hotpot fan, grill pan, hotpot pan lid, bowl stand, grease, steaming net, storage bag

Product Specification

  • Minisize or not: Standard
  • Portable or not: Portable
  • Grill fan/mesh included: Grill fan/mesh included
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size, Weight: 520X310X235mm/20.4X12.2X9.2in(Box Size) / 6kg
  • Color: Ivory
  • Material 
[Body] steel plate (heat-resistant powder coating)
[Hotpot fan & grill pan] aluminum + ceramic coating,
[Hotpot fan lid] - PC+ silicone
[Bowl stand] steel wire (chrome plating),
[Oil base & steaming mesh] stainless steel,
[Storage bag] polyester