Giraffe 3 Way All in One Multi Gas Stove with storage bag signature wild black M 17.6x10.2x12.5inch


About Product
1. This is a gas burner set designed for various outdoor activities like camping and picnics. It comes in a Wild Black Edition, adding a touch of military-style sensibility!
2. The gas stove provides powerful heat using a U-shaped burner and offers enhanced safety with safety mechanisms for the gas canister.
3. The gas stove comes with a ceramic-coated grill pan and a hotpot. It's convenient for versatile use as it prevents food from sticking.
4. Additionally, 'Bowl Stand' and 'Grill Grate' are provided as accessories. These can be used for cooking pots and pans on the burner, as well as for enjoying barbeque-style grilling.
5. It includes a dedicated portable bag! The Wild Black Edition features enhanced padding compared to other editions, providing safer storage for the product.

Product Specification
Components: Gas stove, Grill pan, Hotpot pan, Hotpot pan lid, Drip tray, Bowl stand, Grill grate, Carrying bag
Package Size & Weight: 45x26x32cm 4.4kg / 17.7x10.2x13inch 9.7lbs
Material: (Gas stove body) Steel plate (Grill pan & Hotpot pan) Aluminum with ceramic coating (Hotpot pan lid) PC, Silicone (Bowl stand) Steel wire with chrome plating (Grill grate) Stainless steel
Ignition method: Piezoelectric automatic ignition
Gas consumption: 169g/h
Gas used: 220g (liquefied butane)