Giraffe 3 Way All in One Multi Gas Stove with storage bag Vivid Edition M 17.6x10.2x12.5inch


About Product
Grill, Hot Pot, Direct Fire & Skewers, Excellent Scalability, Safe Use, Ceramic Coating, Powerful Firepower, One Touch
Grill pan, hot pot pan ceramic coating, Strong durability, fast thermal conductivity
Safe and sturdy lid made of polycarbonate, a magnetic gas burner, DOUBLE SAFETY DEVICE DESIGN, u-shaped double fireball
Product composition: body, hot pot pan, grill pan, hot pot pan lid, bowl, oil pan, support body set, storage bag
Size: 448 × 260 × 320 mm (Box Size) / 17.6 x 10.2 x 12.5 inch

Product Specification
Color: Vivid
Size: 448 × 260 × 320 mm (Box Size) / 17.6 x 10.2 x 12.5 inch
Weight: 3 kg /6.6LB
Gas consumption: 169 g/h
Ignition method: Piezoelectric Automatic Ignition
Use Gas: 220 g (Liquid butane)
Material: Steel plate (heat resistant powder painting), Hot pot pan & grill pan: Aluminum (ceramic coating), Hot pot pan lid: PC+silicon, dish rack: Steel (chrome plated) Oil pan: Steel plate (enamel), support body set: stainless steel, storage bag: poly 1680D