Golf Basic Caddy Bag-Apeach very cute 17.3x39.3x18.1inch


About Product
Refreshing female golfers introduce Apeach Caddy Bags.
The fresh pink color focuses on me from afar during the round!
More diverse storage spaces and details have been added!!
The side with the cute Apeach face is the point!
*The caddie bag is a product with one hood cover,
and the hood cover is only provided with the same fabric cover as the body.

Product Specification

  • With a soft material lining, the five-split slot ensures that the club is not mixed and stored safely.
  • The sub-pocket inside and soft material are used to safely store various belongings
  • A separate space inside the pocket allows for neat storage so that your belongings do not get mixed up


  • 44×100×46 cm/ 17.3x39.3x18.1inch (excluding cover),
  • 44×127×46 cm /17.3x50x18.1inch (including cover)

Weight : 3.86 kg


  • Body- nylon 100%
  • Trim- polyurethane 100%
  • Lining- 100% nylon