Gudul Non-stick cookware scratch-free cookware with thick innoble coating 5P Black

About Product
Non-stick cookware scratch-free cookware with thick innocent coating
The spheres are resistant to fire and the coating is durable, so you can cook with a torch.
It has good thermal conductivity, so you can cook it over medium-low heat as if you were cooking it over high heat.
No worries about harmful substances with more than 98% of pure aluminum,It is also recommended for camping dishes that need to be cooked quickly and tasted delicious.
The speciality of the spheres reminiscent of cauldrons a dish that needs to be hydrated and more delicious with a lid. comfortable spheres from every dish to finish

Product Specification
Composition: rolled egg pan, one-handed pot 18 cm, frying pan 24 cm, wok 28 cm, 2 lids (18 cm, 24 cm)
Handle_Royal Cherry Blossoms
Plate_Aluminum (inable coating)
Lid_Stainless steel