Handmade wooden pipe interior luxury Dutch coffee maker Dutch_P_600 for 5-7 people


About Product
A product with 500ml extraction capacity, precision stainless valve, and an antique payphone-like interior.
Ultra-precise stainless valve is convenient enough to control even the minute flow rate. The best SUS316 valves are durable and resistant to corrosion.
Size: W220 *D175*H545 (glass height 560)/ 8.2x31x21.6 inch
Porous resin filter: It is very easy to extract without clogging. (Reusable after washing)
CERAMIC FUNNEL: It prevents dust and foreign substances from entering. It prevents the scent from flying into the air.

Product Specification
Capacity Composition: Maximum extraction capacity of 550 ml
Holder: Made in Korea with Bamboo (Bamboo-Horizontal Crossing Plate) of the highest quality Water Glass Tank: 650 ml
Coffee Beans Glass Tank : 90g
Coffee Glass Tank: 650 ml (for storing undiluted solution during extraction)
Porous resin filter: Filter for extraction of undiluted solution
Stainless Valve: Ultra-precise control valve
Ceramics: Covers, Funnel
Silicon: plug for valve connection (1 hole)
CERAMIC TAMPER: Used to mince coffee beans
Product Size: 210×790×550 (width x height x height)/ 8.2x31x21.6 inch
Product composition: Cradle + Glass for Dutch extraction + Silicon + Control valve + Funnel
Place of Origin (Korea): Cradle + Silicon + Stainless Control Valve + Funnel