Hansamsu Korean Red Ginseng Root Slice Case 20g x 10packs 1 box

About product
Korea Honey Sliced Red Ginseng Gold Promotion Agency is high quality typical brand health assistance food that uses Korea Ginseng that is recognized worldwide to difficult raw material examination and strict Quality-control system and produced so that can appreciate taste and direction at the same time.

Product specification
  • Brand : Hansamsu
  • Type of food : Red Ginseng Sliced sugaring
  • Packing Unit : 20 g x 10 packs (200g)
  • Ingredient : Korean Red Ginseng 70%, Corn syrup 26%, Oligo-saccharide 4%
  • Inner Packing Material : PET+PE+AL
  • How to eat : Take in 2~3 pieces to person's taste.
  • Origin : Korea, Republic of
Storage Caution
Avoid exposure to high temperature, direct sunlight and keep in cool, dry place.