Happycall Forest Wood IH Pan and Pot Set of 4P-Frying pan IH 26cm, Royal Pan IH 26cm, Egg Rolling Pan IH 21cm, Pot IH 18cm

About Product
  • Design from the forest the design that resembles nature adds a modern feel to the real wood material.
  • Applying the handle of a round dress made of Korean cherry tree material.
  • Height with added depth, wider floor width.
  • Noble method, which is not easy to cook, cleans without sticking.
  • Induction, Gas Highlight, Hot Plate Available, Made in Korea.
Product Specification
  • Frying pan IH 26cm : for stir-frying and roasting for 3-4 servings
  • Royal Pan IH 26cm : For fried or stir-fried dishes
  • Egg Rolling Pan IH 21cm : For rolling eggs and for cooking in a square shape
  • One-piece pot IH18cm : For cooking soup for 1-2 servings
  • Material : Steel 
  • Coating : Fluorine resin noble coating