Hello Carbot Max Dozer transformer to Gorilla Robot from Excavator 10.2x3.3x15.3inch


About Product
Hello Carbon Season 11 Samba, Max Dozer
Consisting of MaxDozer and his partner, Maxrilla, the gorilla. Through the combination of the two, MaxDozer Samba Mode is realized.
Simple combination method, perfect bonding strength, completion of Hello Carbot Samba Change
Recommended for children 37 months and older
Composition: MaxDozer, Maxrilla, Cube, Drill (2pcs), User Manual

Product Specification
Package Size: 26x8.5x39cm/10.2x3.3x15.3inch
Package Weight: 975g / 2.2lb
Product material: ABS, PA, POM
Recommended age of use: over 37 months

This product contains magnets. Please be careful not to let your child swallow the magnet.
Do not use by children under 3 years old. contains small parts