Hello Carbot PterDropkung transport aircraft transforms into drop kung robot 75x28x14.5inch


About Product
1. This toy is one of the popular TV animation 'Hello Carbot' inspired creations. It serves as a carrier/storage unit for the 'AL-CARBOT' from the animation, known as 'PTERA-DROP-KOONG.'
2. It can carry/store a total of 3 'AL-CARBOT' units. Please note that this product does not include 'AL-CARBOT' and must be purchased separately.
3. 'PTERA-DROP-KOONG' can transform into three modes: Flight Mode, Drop Mode, and Stand Mode.
4. In Drop Mode, you can release 'AL-CARBOT' to automatically transform from an egg into a robot.
5. Recommended age for use: 6 years and older.

Product Specification
Package Size: 39x13.5x26cm / 75x28x14.5inch
Material: ABS, PA
Components: Toy, Manual
Recommended age for use: 6 years and older