Kanuda Blue Label Adagio modal Memory Foam Air Cushion 60x30x10 cm (Ship from Korea)

About product
  • Premium pillow based on ergonomic design
  • CV4 and OCBR, which are manual therapy techniques, are applied to comfortably support the head, neck, and back even when sleeping on a pillow with any motion
  • Application of Kanuda's patented technology, Tensegrity memory form. Maintains a constant circular shape without deformation even in seasonal temperature changes
  • Using modal extracted from beech trees. Silk-like softness and excellent breathability deliver a comfortable fit
  • 60x30x10 cm, 23.6x11.8x3.9 inch / 1200g, 2.6lb

Product Specification
  • component : pillow (body/inner cover/outer cover), pouch, user manual
  • Size : 60x30x10 cm, 23.6x11.8x3.9 inch
  • Weight : 1200g, 2.6lb
  • Material (body) : High-density tensegrity foam (polyurethane)
  • Material (cover) : 54.2% Polyester 42.9% Rayon (Modal) 2.9% Cotton

For Your Information, the difference between blue label and gold label
  • Blue Label is a product with enhanced neck support and is a harder pillow than Gold Label. The function of holding the posture of the neck is more powerful, but it requires a period of adaptation.
  • Gold Label is a product with enhanced functions to help you sleep comfortably, and is softer than Blue Label. The adaptation period is short, so even first-time users can feel comfortable.