Kazumi Premium camping outdoor Stainless Steel Clad Cook Set 6P


About Product
Front stainless steel barrel triple structure
5 premium coppell sets with storage bag that can be used in a variety of ways
Practical configuration and easy to carry , A hygienic stainless mesh basket can be used in various ways
Wooden handle for safety, Detachable wood handle,Can be used in a variety of heat sources,Non-stick coated frying pan
Coppel 3.3L +, Coppel 1.8 L Coppel 1.4 L, Frying pan mesh basket Carry bag

Product Specification
Weight: 2.9 kg
Material: Stainless Steel 304/430, Aluminum, Polyester Standard
Configuration and size:
Coppel 3.3 L-20x20x(h) 13.5 cm / 7.8x7.8x5.3 in , Coppel 1.8 L-17x(h) 8.5 cm / 7.8x3.3 in , Coppel 1.4 L-15x15x(h) 8 cm / 5.9x5.9x3.1 in , Frying pan 20-20x20x(h) 5.5 cm / 7.8x7.8x2.1 in , mesh basket-18x18x(h) 10 cm / 7x7x3.9 in , Carry bag-25x25x(h)17 cm / 9.8x9.8x6.6 in