Kitchen Flower #2256 Aluminum IH Induction Cookware Pot Set of 4P

About Product
  • Can be used on all heat sources including induction ranges (IH),Neoflam ceramic cookware is completely free of perfluorinated substances (fluorine) with ceramic coating.
  • High Thermal Efficiency & Heat Preservation Premium Whole Casting Cookware, Silicone ring lid to prevent collision with pot.
  • Components: Single pot 18cm, Pot 20cm, Pot 24cm, Hot pot 20cm.
More information
  • 18cm single water pan : 13x35cm/5.1x13.7in
  • 20cm Pumping Pot : 15x27.5cm/5.9x10.8in
  • 20cm Hot Pot : 11x27.5cm/4.3x10.8in
  • 24cm Pumping Pot : 19x32.5cm/7.4x12.7in
Product Specification
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Induction availability : Induction available
  • Number of components : 4
  • Interior Coating Type : Ceramic Coating