KM Camping stainless steel Cup 300ml Ultralight Water Tea Coffee Mug 5P Set with Pouch Portable Foldable Handle Backpacking Hiking Picnic Outdoor Black


About Product
Made of stainless steel, it is sturdy and safe to use, and it has excellent thermal and cold insulation effects by double vacuum forming.
Upgraded coating that is more resistant to scratches
double vacuum forming
Easy to carry
Durable fabric, waterproof mug pouch

Product Specification
Components: mug x 5ea, frame, pouch
Size: 12x12x(h)28 cm/ 4.7x4.7x11 inch, Cup-8.5/6x(h)9 cm/ 3.3x2.3x3.5 inch , Frame-11x11x(h)26 cm/ 4.3x4.3x10.2inch
Weight: 8 835 g (1 cup-110 g) Capacity I Cup 1 - 300 ml
Material: Polyester, Stainless Steel, Mesh