Korea Style Non-stic Traditional Stone Rice Cooker with wood stand Cauldron Multi Cooker-Bibimbab Nurungji for 1–2 people 6.2×3.3 inch


About Product
-You can enjoy more delicious stone pot rice and scorched rice with far-infrared rays from the stone pot.
-Health-conscious Well-Being Stone Pot,More delicious with excellent thermal insulation
-High thermal power,Large emission of far-infrared rays
-Chemical ingredient not detected
- Excellent cleaning power

Initial Handling and Storage Tip
1. When you use it for the first time, put rice water and salt in a large container and soak the whole bowl.
2. When it boils, boil over medium heat for more than 30 minutes.
3. After taking it out, use cooking oil in a warm state and apply the lid of the stone bowl to the front and back of the bowl.
4. Leave for about 15 minutes and clean with kitchen detergent.
5. Overheating and rapid cooling can shorten the life of the product.
6. After using it, wash it with warm water using a general kitchen detergent and a scrubber.

Product Specification
Material: Corrugated stone
Country of Manufacture: Korea
Size: Stone pot (for 1–2 people)_16×8.5 cm (excluding lid) / 6.2×3.3 inch
Square wooden support (for 1–2 people)_21.5 (width/length) × 7.5 (height) cm, 17 cm (internal diameter) /
8.4(width/length) x 2.9(height) inch, 6x6inch (internal diameter)