KOVEA Little Sun Gas Heater CAMPING Outdoor 1.7 KW Ceramic Plat Korea 11 x7.5 x 13.8"

Color: black
About Product
  • Gas control lever, handle, adjustable leg for angle adjustment, etc.
  • Ceramic plates, which are two times bigger than conventional products, have improved heating power.
  • The heat transfer plate increases the vaporization power of the gas and completely exhausts the gas.
  • Stable ignition is possible by applying the pilot ignition device which is applied to the large stove.
  • Fishing, camping and outdoor activities are suitable for use in the office and home.
Product Feature
  • Safe Auto Shut off regulator against high gas pressure levels. Bigger ceramic tile.
  • Available to use complete gas consumption through the heat Conduction panel
  • Equipped with Pilot orifice for safe ignition.
  • Handle, control knob, tilting leg for user convenience
  • Enjoy the 1.7kw warmth and nice design.
Product Specification
  • Brand : KOVEA
  • Colour : Ivory, Black
  • Size : 277 x 190 x343 mm (11 x7.5 x 13.8")
  • Weight : 2.1Kg
  • Power source : Gas Powered
  • Heating method : Convection
  • Ignition : One touch Pieze Type
  • Fuel : Butane(Nozzle Type Gas Canister)
  • Heat output : 5633 British Thermal Units
  • Consumption :120g(1,419kcal / 5633 BTU)
  • Model : KH-0203