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About Product
1. Introducing the all-weather folding cart that not only adjusts handle height but also extends the base plate length!
2. Featuring high-quality polyurethane wheels—7 in total! These sturdy wheels effortlessly transport the cart with minimal noise, eliminating concerns about disturbing the surroundings.
3. Designed with integrated elastic ropes on the base plate for added security during transportation. Carry your belongings with peace of mind.
4. Both the handle and base plate are foldable for slim and convenient storage and portability. Simply fold it up for easy storage. 
5. Built to last with robust durability! Supports a generous maximum load of 150kg/330lbs.

Product Specification
Size: (When fully extended) 32.7(W)x58.5(D)x99.5(H)cm / 12.9(W)x23(D)x39(H)inch
Weight: 3.3kg / 7.3lbs