MIDORI Index TPU Cutting Board Set with a Stand 9.44 x 15.15 (in)

$135 $140
About Product

It is a safe and clean cutting board made of TPU material, Comfortable color and design go well with any kitchen
There is a hanger in the storage box, so you can easily store and manage the cutting board. The cutting board dries well because of good ventilation.
Dishwasher is available, but avoid high-temperature washing above 80 degrees Celsius.
When sterilizing in a microwave oven or double water, disinfect it briefly within 10 seconds.
When cooking colored ingredients, the cutting board may be colored, so wash them as soon as possible and wipe off the water immediately

Product Specification
Weight: 328g
Size : 24 x 38.5 (cm) 9.44 x 15.15 (in)
Material: TPU