Mimiworld Korean Animation Characters eongdeong-i dog police station Kids Toy 11.8x5.1x8.6in

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About Product
Open the canine police station and solve the case.
If you look at the magnifying glass, you can see the traces of the ball rolling.
where did the ball go?
The ball went out the door to the chief's office.
A ball is randomly hidden somewhere on the first floor.

Product Specification
Components: Dog Police Station, uv lamp magnifying glass, Chief Maltese, police car, conference room desk x2, storage box, lost and found desk x1, interrogation desk x1, chief's sofa and table, Maltese chief's desk and chair, missing ball, case card, sticker, instruction manual
Size: 30-13-22cm / 11.8x5.1x8.6in
Weight: less than 1kg
Color: Ivory,White,Black
Material: ABS,ABS,ABS
Age of use: over 37 months