MODORI Goodle Use both sides of the holder to keep the kitchen tidy Knife Set of 5P 1P knife holder, 4P knife sets


About Product
Turns to the front when not in use and turns to the back when in use to keep the kitchen tidy.
It consists of a total of 4 knives and a rotating knife holder,Conveniently use each knife according to the cooking ingredients
Use the knife holder by rotating it 180 degrees. You can display the knife invisible normally. The kitchen looks more orderly.
The knife holder is detachable, easy to clean, and hygienic as it is designed to be well ventilated and dried.
The four knives are made of high-quality stainless steel made in Germany, so the strength and sharpness of the blades are maintained for a long time.

Product Specification
- Composition: 1 knife holder, 4 knife sets
- Material : (Blade) German Steel 1.4116 (Handle) Stainless Steel 305 (Holder) ABS
- Size/Weight
(Utility Knife) 31cm 12.2in / Blade 18cm 7.1in / 202g 0.45lb
(Vegetable Knife) 31cm 12.2in / Blade 18cm 7.1in / 230g 0.5lb
(Serrated Knife) 31cm 12.2in / Blade 18cm 7.1in / 168g 0.37lb
(Furit Knife) 20.5cm 8in / Blade 10.3cm 4in / 68g 0.15lb
(Holder) 11.7x6.2x35cm 4.6x2.4x13.7in / 812g 1.8lb

- Cannot be washed in the dishwasher
- Separate the drip tray, wipe off the water, and assemble after completely removing the water.
- Be careful not to injure yourself when opening or storing the product as it is sharp.