Onetouch cloumn-type 2 tier dish rack installed easily and simply length adjusting 35(W)x10.2(D)x16~32(H)in


About Product
1. This product can be installed easily and simply without requiring much effort
2. The powerful spring pillar with strong tension provides stable support for the shelf, even with a heavy load, preventing any wobbling.
3. Users can install the dish storage tray as a single layer or double layer according to their preferences.
4. Both the dish rack and utensil holder are detachable! Set the positions according to the space and situation.
5. With a rotating drainage outlet, you can freely adjust the direction of water drainage, and the use of a water receiver ensures hygiene.

Product Specification
Size: 88(W)x26(D)x41~82(H)cm / 35(W)x10.2(D)x16~32(H)in
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Load capacity : 20kg / 44lbs