Paseco Camping Stove Gas Butane Portable Mini Burner Backpacking and Camping Stove System Outdoor Propane Camp Cooking Gear deal for Hiking, Trekking, Fishing, Hunting Trips and Emergency Use

About Product
  • Paseco camping gas stove is compact and easy to use, conveniently used in places without electricity facilities such as homes, restaurants, camping sites, and fishing
  • Feel the warmth anywhere indoors or outdoors with a small but powerful compact burner, because it uses gas fuel, odor, soot, and noise are low.
  • With one-touch ignition method, it is possible to adjust the amount of heat as needed and boasts excellent economic efficiency.
  • A thermocouple marked on the gas connection is installed, and it wraps around the gas cylinder to help with vaporization.
  • It has a handle, so anyone, regardless of age or gender, can move it easily and safely.
Product Specification
  • Ignition method : piezoelectric
  • Calorie value : 1360kcal
  • Usage time : Weak: 4~5 hours / Strong: 2-3 hours (based on 1 butane gas)
  • Heat control : Dial heat control
  • Safety device : Euro-blocking safety device / blockage prevention device
  • Size : 250X210X310mm