Pororo Parking Lot with 4 mini cars 17 x 8.7 x13.8 inch


About Product

The elevator will automatically move and you will be immediately connected to the 3-wheel driveway on each floor of the parking tower
There are four new Pororo mini-cars.

  • Includes 4 mini-cars
  • Three-turn road
  • Automatically moving elevator
  • Easy operation
  1. Get your car in the elevator.
  2. Press button
  3. Elevator operation
  4. Stop the elevator by sliding the arrow on the parking tower
  5. When the elevator stops, turn the lever and move it to the entry point on the 3rd turn of the car.
  6. Lift up the breaker and play on three revolving roads.
Product Specifications
  • Material : Pastic
  • Product Size : 43x22x35cm 
  • Weight : 5.5 KG
  • Included : Pororo parking lot + 4 mini cars