Portable Camping Outdoor Portable Coffee Hand Drip SET(9P)- coffee dripper+coffee grinder+drip kettle+coffee cup+ storage bag


About Product
1. A full package set that allows easy hand-drip coffee enjoyment during outdoor activities such as camping and picnics!
2. The set includes a coffee bean grinder, dripper, teapot, two coffee cups, one mug, a carry bag, and a sticker set to enhance the camping experience.
3. All components are made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring safety, hygiene, and long-lasting use. They are also easy to clean as a whole, making maintenance convenient and hygienic.
4. To prevent the coffee cups from becoming too hot due to the coffee, they come with a dedicated leather holder, and the mugs have a fabric material added to the handles.
5. A lightweight and highly durable EVA bag is provided for easy transportation and storage convenience.

Product Specification
Components: Coffee bean grinder, drip pot, dripper, 2 cups, 1 mug, spoon, pouch, sticker set, EVA bag
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Capacity: Grinder (30g), spoon (10g), cups (130ml), mug (300ml), drip pot (400ml)
Size: (EVA bag) (W)36x(D)12x(H)27cm / (W)14x(D)4.7x(H)10.6in