Portable Charcoal Grill, Small BBQ Smoker Grill, TableTop Barbecue Charcoal Grill for Outdoor Camping Garden Backyard Cooking Picnic Traveling (Green)15.3x3.7x10inch

About Product
Streetback brazier installation, compact size, Convenient to use
Hammerton coating design cache, Easy to clean
Vivid color and excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance
Fuel Type: Charcoal/Firewood
Size: 39x9.5x25.5cm/ 15.3x3.7x10inch

How to use: Open the brazier bag to the maximum and spread the base.
Connect the pedestal connector by hooking it between the pedestals.
After opening the holder of the charcoal tray, hang it on the edge of the brazier bag to complete the installation.

Product Specification
Components: Brazier bag, charcoal tray, grill net (2 pcs), pedestal connection part (2 pcs)
Number of people: 2 people
With or without griddle legs: with legs
Fuel Type: Charcoal/Firewood
With or without grill pan/mesh: With grill pan/mesh
Size: 39x9.5x25.5cm/ 15.3x3.7x10inch
weight: 2.7kg
Material: stainless steel, aluminum