Readfield revote Control Cobra Type Bowling Wrist Support Accessories Silver


About Product

  • Review Adae is a left/right angle adjustment device designed to find its own fine angle to control wrist movement. It can be done smoothly and have powerful backend reactions.
  • COBRA Style-This product is for bowlers who want a large angle and hook pitch in medium oil. Excellent durability with semi-permanent stainless steel material.
  • Convenient screw-type vertical angle adjustment-Find the vertical angle that fits the bowler conveniently by turning the round adjustment screw. It can be fixed and used.
  • Convenient screw-type horizontal and horizontal angle adjustment-Move the head according to the marked scale to fit the bowler and make it comfortable. It can be used by finding and fixing a fine angle.
  • Soft Sponge Pad-There is a soft-lined sponge inside the wrist guard to minimize skin irritation. Provides a comfortable fit without pads.