Roadfilde Control Cobra Type Bowling Wrist Support Accessories Yellow


About Product

  • Semi-permanent sturdy product made of stainless steel
  • Application of screw-type angle adjustment device designed to find your own minute angle - up, down, left and right angle adjustment
  • A powerful back-end reaction is possible because the wrist movement can be smoothed, A product for bowlers who need a large cupping to get a big angle
  • The inner side of the wrist protector is lined to minimize skin irritation, and sweat is quickly evacuated for comfort.
  • Auxiliary pad attached to the wrist strap helps to activate body functions and strengthen grip.

Product Specification

  • Material: duraluminium, sponge, cotton
  • Artillery style: Cobra supports the index finger to complement the straightness and hook properties of the ball during release and provides quick release timing.
  • Recommended for beginner bowlers


  • Right hand S(woman) 
  • Right hand M(woman) 
  • Right hand L(man) 
  • Right hand XL(man) 
  • left hand S(woman) 
  • left hand M(woman) 
  • left hand L(man) 
  • left hand XL(man)