Tinping Twinkle Twinkling Playground Dollhouse 16.3x10.2x12in


About Product
Come to the fun-filled Tinping Playground
bang bang, Viking, slide, trapeze
Components: 1ea playground (after assembly of components), 1ea Ayaping figure + pink pedestal, 1ea car, 1ea viking, 2ea swings, 1ea ladder, 1ea jewel sticker,
1ea slide (requires assembly), 1ea slide stand, 3ea decorative stickers
Material: ABS, ets ,Size: 415x260x305mm,/16.3x10.2x12in

Product Specification
Minimum age: 3 years old
Color: mixed color
Material: ABS, ets
Size: 415x260x305mm/16.3x10.2x12in
Weight: 609.5 (g)