TPU material Non-slicing cutting board set - Blue+Khaki+Charcoal cutting boards, 1 cutting board stand


About Product
Color sanitary cutting boards and cutting board stand sets that make cooking fun
With a total of 3 color cutting boards, you can use them separately for food ingredients such as meat/fish/vegetables.
The cutting board is made of TPU material and has good flexibility and is not easily cut and can be used hygienically.
The cutting board stand has a water-draining structure for easy drying and ventilation, and the bottom of the product has a non-slip treatment.
Components: 3 cutting boards, 1 cutting board stand

As a general rule, it is recommended that cutting boards be replaced on an annual basis.
After using the chopping board, wipe it well under running water immediately, and washing with baking soda or vinegar is more hygienic.

Product Specification
Components: 3 cutting boards, 1 cutting board stand
Material : (Chopping board) TPU, (Chopping board stand) ABS
Size & Weight
(Chopping Small) 290x193x2.5 mm / 159g, 11.4x7.6x0.1 inch /0.4lb
(Chopping Medium) 345x237x2.5 mm / 235g, 13.5x9.3x0.1 inch / 0.5lb
(Chopping Board Large) 398x274x2.5 mm / 159g, 15.6x10.7x0.1 inch / 0.7lb